Auto Warranties

Safe Auto Repairs is an industry leader with over 50 years of extended service contract experience. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive coverage for your vehicle at an affordable price. We specialize in low monthly payment plans to fit within your budget.

Vehicle service contracts - also known as auto warranties - provide protection for consumers against costly automotive repairs. In the event your vehicle has a mechanical failure, we’ll help you find a repair shop, pay the bill and get you back on the road with no additional out-of-pocket expense. Get your free quote below at Central!

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See what we can do for you today by completing the short form above or speak with one of our friendly consultants at 1.888.766.9677. Coverage is available for cars, trucks and SUVs. New cars come out of the factory with warranties that cover repairs for a period of time and/or number of miles, whichever comes first. When the terms of the original warranty run out, consumers have the option to continue with the same (or similar) coverage with an extended service contract. Find here.

Full Coverage Auto Warranty Contracts
A Full Coverage service contract is also known as a new car service contract, a wrap program, or an exclusionary policy, and is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy. These vehicle service contract policies cover so many parts and components that the policy will only list the items that are not covered.

The majority of full coverage service contracts will also include or offer as options added benefits and coverages such as towing, 24/7 roadside assistance, car rental and travel interruption reimbursement, wear and tear, seals and gaskets, and hi-tech electronic equipment coverage.

Even though these policies are called full coverage, they do not cover every single component on your vehicle. Make sure you read the policy to see exactly what is not covered. A full coverage service contract is the most extensive coverage you can buy.

Stated Component Auto Warranty Contracts
Stated Component coverage, also known as an inclusionary policy, is an extended service contract that covers most of the major parts and components on your vehicle. These policies will list all components covered or included in the service contract. If the part is listed in the policy it is covered. Most stated component policies will offer additional benefits and coverage options.

Stated Component extended service contracts offer excellent coverage when your vehicle does not qualify for a full coverage policy. These policies offer a very good value at an attractive price.

Powertrain Auto Warranty Contracts
Powertrain coverage is an extended service contract that covers a vehicle’s main powertrain components. This would include the engine, transmission, drive axles and drive shaft. Some enhanced Powertrain service contracts will extend the coverage to include additional parts and components.

A Powertrain service contract will cover you for the really expensive major repairs. These types of vehicle service contracts are an excellent value for the higher mileage older vehicles or if you are only concerned with the major catastrophic repair bills.

"With all the skepticism about the extended auto warranty industry, it was very pleasing to contact such a professional sales representative as Jason
S. Not only did he answer many and all of my concerns, but he went far beyond what most would do to provide the best customer service in the industry. After speaking with over a dozen sales representatives from other companies, I should know full well. Jason gave me the best price and value available, for inevitable costly auto repairs..." (Read more)

"It was great working with you. I searched around to locate the best policy for my vehicle and Safe Auto Repairs was the best option. Thank you for extending the discounts for me until I was able to pay my down payment as well as working it out for me to keep my payments within my budget..." (Read more)

"I recently purchased an extended warranty from Mark. I just wanted to comment on his salesmanship and customer service. Mark has been very accommodating and patient with me in reference to my purchase. I am not an impulsive buyer/shopper. I did research on your company and information that was disturbing and/or not clear, I would email Mark for a response. He was not pressuring or condescending... he was a a good salesman. Customer service is very important to me. Companies have lost my business because a representative was rude and/or incompetent. This sale was made on the way that Mark professionally handled my skepticism and provided me with information that I felt was credible..." (Read more)